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The Carnegie Corporation's Program: Teachers for a New Era

  • Research demonstrates that teacher quality is the most important variable in producing student learning gains. Teachers for a New Era will enact initiatives to improve outstanding teacher preparation programs and enhance the quality of their graduates. Selected colleges and universities will receive up to 10 million dollars toward the project.
  • Decisions Driven by Evidence, Engagement with the Arts & Sciences, and Teaching as an Academically Taught Clinical Practice Profession are the three design principles driving the Teachers for a New Era project. The program’s curriculum will be evaluated by staff to determine its effectiveness, and changes will be made only in response to research. Eventually, the programs will be required to demonstrate pupil learning gains of those students entrusted to the care of graduates. The proposal also seeks to improve preservice teachers’ general and subject matter backgrounds by working more closely with each school’s college of liberal arts and sciences. The ultimate goal of this endeavor is to produce well rounded and competent teachers that are capable of deeply enriching students’ knowledge across content areas. Additionally, the project prepares teaching candidates for professional growth upon entering the field. The project requires that institutions will integrate technology, consider cultural diversity, recruit underrepresented ethnic groups into the field of education, and encourage teacher candidates who decide to enter the program at a later point. In regards to successful innovations, selected institutions will be required to disseminate information and encourage other institutions to follow their lead. An external evaluator will judge the success and conduct of the program.



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